Hides & Sizes

What types of Birkins can I buy?

Brown Hermes Birkin handbag

Every Birkin is made by hand in a lengthy. painstaking effort that often takes a week or more. Most Birkins are made from tTogo leather, other popular leathers are Clemence and Epsom. All 'Candy' Birkins are made from Epsom Leather. The very expensive Birkins are made from skin/hide of Lizards, Ostriches, Crodociles, and Alligators.

Having a good understanding of the materials from which these fabulous bags are handcrafted takes time, and here are some basic facts:

  • • Clemence leather Birkins are made from the hide of the young bull.
  • • Togo leather Birkins are made the hide of the adult bull.
  • • Box leather Birkins are made from the hide of a calf
  • • Epsom leather Birkins are soft, grainy and resistant to scratching.

Sizes (measured in length) are 25, 30, 35 and 40 cm.